Sugii Sake Brewery

Sugii Sake Brewery uses water from the Ōigawa water system (“nature’s gift from Mt. Fuji”), a river that runs both above and below ground, which is very suitable for fermentation. They pursue their ideal sake by utilizing natural microorganisms in the use traditional production method of yamahai-moto and ki-moto.

Ki-moto sake using a “ki-moto” starter has a rich taste with complexity which goes deeper when it is aged. Because of the method and deep flavors, ki-moto sake is suitable to accompany dairy products, such as cheese, as well as a wide variety of other foods, making it attractive to wine connoisseurs. The brewery is under the management of sixth-generation Mr. Sugii Kinnosuke, who is also a toji. Although his sake is an acquired taste, Mr Sugii believes that his sake will achieve popularity abroad after the Ginjo boom.

His philosophy

Mr. Sugii explained his philosophy as follows: “In the sake industry, people believe that good sake means Ginjo sake so far. Thus everybody is rushing to make aromatic Ginjo sake at the moment. However Ginjo sake is not everything. Ginjo sake should be protected carefully because it is part of sake culture and should be the most prominent sake, but we pursue other aspects of sake – Junmai and ki-moto / yamahai-moto – carrying rice based flavor and natural acidity without too much polishing.”

Their flagship sake

Sugii Sake Brewery’s flagship sake “Suginishiki Tokubetsujunmai Kimotojikomi” uses the traditional ki-moto method in which natural lactic acid can protect against bacterial and promote fermentation. They use rice with a 60% polish ratio and Shizuoka yeast No.9. The sake is refreshing and mild, with a sweet citrus aroma and gentle umami. Even though it has lighter body, it has appealing taste of mixed of acidity and bitterness and dry taste. When it is fresh, you can enjoy both appealing aroma and also aroma of koji, when it is warmed. When you drink it, you will spend time without noticing and then you will be attracted deeply by this dry sake.


Sugii Sake Brewery has been awarded first place in the Shizuoka Governor’s Award in both the Junmai and Ginjo categories at Shizuoka-Shinshu-Kanpyokai.