Shidaizumi Sake Brewery

Brewery in idyllic location

Shidaizumi Sake Brewery is situated at approximately 7km away from Fujiedajuku station, the 22nd station of 53 stages of historic Tokaido Road. The brewery is surrounded by picturesque scenery, such as rice paddies, clear streams and foothills across the river. The soft unfiltered well-water that the brewery uses for sake production is so pure that that a tea ceremony master visits them to request water for the tea ceremony. They brew sake slowly using Shizuoka yeast under lower temperatures. Thanks to the water and Shizuoka yeast, the sake has refreshing characteristics of pleasant acidity, fruit-freshness and a tender texture with rice-derived sweetness.

Characteristics of Shidaizumi Sake Brewery

Shidaizumi Sake Brewery conducts a lot of the production by hand. Although many consumers associate “craft” or “by hand”with “artisanal”, production by hand is not always better than by machinery in terms of the quality of final products. Shidaizumi works by hand not for the marketing gimmick, but to gain flexibility in terms of production process and conditions. Brewers believe that it is important to use the senses for good decision making and carefully control the condition of sake which is suitable for microorganisms for creating sake in Shidaizumi style.

Flagship Sake

The Shidaizumi dai-ginjo sake “tokubetsu-honjozo” uses both “kake-mai” and “koji-mai” of 50% polish ratio. By avoiding the dai-ginjo name, they avoid the higher price tag for consumers: they want to people to be able to have good sake not just for special occasions, but to celebrate daily life at a reasonable price. The “tokubetsu-hojozo” has a hint of pear and lychee nose, are refreshing attack and well-balanced umami. Their typical characteristic of sake provides sweetness, acidity and hint of bitterness.
It goes well with fresh red tuna and young anchovies, sakura shrimp and also bonito which are often eaten locally. Thus Shidaizumi sake is indispensable for local sushi bars. Reflecting the passion and techniques of owner and toji, Mr Nishihara, the quality of this ginjo-style sake is beyond the expectation of local restaurants who are familiar with pairing of ginjo sake and fresh fish and vegetables. They currently export their sake to Hong Kong.


National New Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair 2010 Gold medal
National New Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair 2012 Gold medal
National New Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair 2013 Commended
National New Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair 2014 Gold medal
National New Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair 2017 Gold medal