Omuraya Sake Brewery

Omuraya Sake Brewery is located in the Shimada region, an important part of the principal road of the Edo era, the Tokaido. Lying on the east bank of the Oigawa-river the area has plenty of water fed by the underground water of the South Alps, and is blessed with mild warm weather. In the past, there were seven sake breweries in the area because of high foot traffic along the Tokaido, however Nada and Fushimi sake started dominating the market, threatening the viability of the other breweries. However the local pan-industry social organization (wakatake-kai) advocated to protect the local sake from this duopoly, leading to the revival of “Wakatake-Onikoroshi”, based on the recipe found in an ancient document. The sake is said to have been so good that even a strong young man like a mythical demon would get drunk after drinking too much. This daiginjo sake is dry, but thanks to soft water and meticulous aging, it has deep mellow flavors. As a representative of traditional Japanese culture, Wakatake has become a synonym for good sake in the US.

Their sake making

From 2002, Omuraya Sake Brewery only produces Tokuteimeishoshu such as “honjozo”, “junmai”, “jyunmaiginjo”, “dai ginjo” and ”junmai dai ginjo”. They take 72 hours to develop the koji for all sake lines, from the most basic honjozo to the best daiginjyo. When they produce koji, they sprinkle the koji fungus on steamed rice and keep it at a certain temperature in the koji room. In the process of propagation of koji fungus, they put a mix of steamed rice and koji fungus in a koji box, which carries only 10kg and facilitates meticulous control of the koji production. Nowadays koji can be produced by machine, but they prefer to use the traditional “by hand” koji box because koji plays such an important role in determining the final quality. The koji brings a unique quality of having refreshing, but mellow and deep flavor with good structure.

Their flagship sake: Wakatake / Onikoroshi / Oniotome

In addition to “Wakatake” and “Onikoroshi”, “Oniotome” has become recently popular even among sake novices because it is intended to be suitable for pairing with food. The sake is brewed with local Homarefuji sake rice The bottle features a young woman with a local traditional hairstyle, “Shimadayui”, equating the attractive elegant freshness of the sake with the nostalgia of attractive elegant freshness of youth.
As at September 2017, Omuraya Sake Brewery exportsto 16 different countries.

2017 IWC Awards

Tokubetsu junmai genshu Silver
Wakatake onikoroshi tokubetsuhonjozo daiginjo koshu Commended