Morimoto Sake Brewery

Mr. Morimoto is 5th generation of Morimoto Sake Brewery. He said that Morimoto Sake Brewery uses the Jinenryu (natural) method, leaving the sake to rest during the fermentation process, producing an attractive, ideal sake. He tackles issues “by direct confrontation, rather than cheap tricks”.
They use iron-less mild water from the Japanese south alps, gained by digging just 10m onsite. Since their production volume of hand-made-sake is limited, they distribute their sake at limited stores in Shizuoka prefecture, but highly evaluated by specialized sake shops.

His philosophy

Since 2014, Morimoto has started to produce only “Junmai” sake. His philosophy is that
sake is not made by people, but by yeast: we should merely provide a good environment for the yeast then do the very final part of the work. He uses his technical experience to maintain an ideal environment for the yeast to work properly, then he achieves a sake having his favorite taste. He believes that it is most important that brewers take advantage of the power of nature.

Flagship sake “Sayogoromo Jizakekōbō Tokubetsujunmai Homarefuji”

This “Tokubetsu-junmai” uses Shizuoka sake specific Homarefuji rice, which carries the DNA of nationally renowned sake specific Yamadanishiki rice.
Thanks to the characteristics of this rice variety, the taste deepens in autumn. A floral honey and caramel aroma is accompanied by a gentle texture. It is at the lighter end of heavy body sake with an exceptional balance, keeping you going back for more.