Kanzawagawa Sake Brewery

Kanzawagawa Sake Brewery
The town of Yui is situated in the middle of Shizuoka prefecture and as the 16th station of the Tokaido Road, played an important role as a traffic junction for east-west travelers. It is most artistically famous for the Ukiyoe (woodblock) by Hiroshige Utagawa in 1855. Kanzawagawa Sake Brewery is situated in the historical part of town, facing Suruga Bay.

The water for their Shosetsu sake comes down quickly from steep mountain. In the process, it leaves behind the iron, manganese and magnesium and becomes pure and soft. For this reason, the sake becomes lighter with a round drinkability.

Steamed rice for their sake is made in a traditional wagama and the koji is made by hand with using a middle sized koji box. They take meticulous quality control, so consumers enjoy every last drop.

The new Shosetsu is hotly anticipated because it will be produced by a new younger successor who has been taught by legendary toji Mr. Yamakage, designated “Contemporary Master Craftsman” by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Flagship Sake

Flagship sake Tokubetsu-honjozo category Shosetsu releases a fruity aroma of banana and melon and has sharp, refreshing taste. Junmai category Shosetsu is of exceptional quality with a fresh fruitiness and a flavor that never tires.

Selected in the world-admired 78 sake brands

On September 1st 2016, world-renowned wine critic Robert Parker first released sake ratings in his newsletter, The Wine Advocate. In the rating, Shosetsu’s Junmai Ginjo Yamakage Junetsu got 92 points, this evaluation increasing the number of export countries to five.