Eikun Sake Brewery

Eikun sake is famous for its refreshing acidity and milder texture derived from pure water. The brewery maintains the purity of the water by protecting the source: the mountain itself. This demonstrates their devotion to protecting the environment to protect the quality of their sake. The owner of Eikun Sake Brewery said that they have kept developing several product lines for those who understand the taste of Eikun sake, both vendors and consumers.

Characteristics of Eikun Sake Brewery

Local toji Naoyasu Tsuburai and secondary toji Takeshi Shinba (who has significant toji experience both inside and outside of Shizuoka) have built a good relationship on the basis of credo of accepting and supporting each other.

Both tojis are in their 40s and study excellent sake throughout Japan to carefully pursue an ideal sake that represents the taste of Eikun, mindful of the brewery’s tradition. They have paid particular attention to how to store sake: whether pasteurized or not (nama-sake), bottled or kept in a tank, Eikun sake is stored at 5℃.

Flagship Sake

Eikun has two flagship sake, both using Shizuoka origin sake specific rice, Homarefuji: Tokubetsu-Junmai and Tokubetsu-Honjozo. These two sake are “sweet rich” when bottled as both “nama” (unpasteurized) or “genshu” (non-diluted). They carry a fresh aroma and kind of sweet taste with refreshing acidity. They are recognized as food-friendly (unlike many other sakes) and are very popular among Eikun enthusiasts.