Doi Sake Brewery

Doi Sake Brewery is considered to be a driver in making Shizuoka as the “Ginjo Kingdom” and their sake is highly evaluated both inside and outside Japan.

Brewery’s outstanding artisanal handwork demonstrates the fascinating characteristics of sake as an essential part of Japanese traditional culture. In 2017, they won a gold medal in “Zenkoku Shinshu Kanpyokai” (ZSK) and became No.1 in the Junmai Daiginjo sector in “Sake Competition” which decides the world’s best sake available in the market. Many brewers create sake lines specifically for ZSK which are not sold to the public, so this category is important to distinguish between competition-only and publicly available sake. Additionally, they won a Ginjo trophy (No.1) and three silver medals in the 2017 sake section of IWC (held in London), one of the biggest wine competitions in the world. Moreover they won a gold medal at Kura Master (sake competition) which was in 2017 was held for the first time in France.

Characteristics of Doi Sake Brewery

Shizuoka has been recognized as one of the best sake production areas because of Shizuoka yeast. Doi Sake Brewery contributed tremendously to the research and development, to the extent that Shizuoka yeast “HD-1” is said to be named for Doi’s late toji Mr Hase (H) and from the brewery itself (Doi > D).

Investment in yeast is not Doi’s only innovation. They also developed and improved the sake production facility with state of the art equipment and developed their own strain of yeast at the same time, all while taking good care of their handwork. They are loved not only by their customers, but also other sake breweries for their generous sharing of knowledge. As such, Doi Sake Brewery is a sector influencer, with other sake breweries taking Doi’s method and philosophy back to their breweries.

Flagship Sake

Their flagship sake, “Kaiun Shofuku (Tokubetsu Honjozo)” has the lucky charm of a rake on the label and has attracted consumers for more than 120 years. Since the price is reasonable and it can be enjoyed both warm and cold, it has always been very popular. Although Ginjo is supposed to be the gold standard, special occasion sake, created with even more care than other classes of sake, Doi’s flagship represents their philosophy of their “daily” sake types being produced with the same passion using their advanced techniques.